Sunday, April 17, 2016

CR-1A software Defined Radio

I was listening to shortwave a few weeks ago. I was a tuned to a US station playing some interesting music and the announcer did a commercial on the Commradio CR-1A. It is an SDR radio that covers MW, HF VHF and UHF. I went to the website and took a look. It is a small little radio with two knobs and six pushbuttons. Since it has been nearly two decades since I have purchased a new shortwave, I decided it was time to do so again. Not that my previous shortwave needed replacing, but this one will fill a niche that my other radios cannot. This one is small, portable and battery powered. You can select either shortwave banding or amateur banding. I listen mostly at night and the controls are very simple and easy to master. With six pushbuttons, the functions are easily memorized, nice when listening in the dark! So far, besides the usual stations that are easy like the US religious stations and Radio Havana, I have heard Radio New Zealand, Radio Australia, Voice of Korea in Pyongyang, BBC and Romanian Radio. Not too shabby for a little shortwave radio

Take a peek and the weblink below, the radio has a load of nice features.