Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Tomatoes

It is about time I made another food post, seems that ham radio is taking more of the bandwidth than food.
I love summer, my favorite part is the crop of produce which is available. My two favorites are fresh figs, which are past and gone. They were delicious though! And tomatoes. I was at the local Costco and there was a 25 pound case of California Roma tomatoes calling my name.
We like a simple pasta sauce of olive oil, garlic, basil and tomatoes. Being a fan of putanesca, I toss in capers and Greek olives with my serving. With sauce in mind, it took me nearly 3 ½ hours to cut up the tomatoes. The cut tomatoes were put into a 2 cup measure and poured into a food storage bag for freezing.
25 pounds of tomatoes yielded about 25 bags of tomatoes for the freezer. At $11.65 for the case, the tomatoes for each meal is roughly 47 cents. Considering one pasta meal a week, this one purchase gives 6 months of nice tomatoes for pasta night. I did have a thought. We normally grow basil to make pesto to freeze. Since we are stocked in the pesto department, no basil was planted. Major mistake! Though I like the flavor of dried basil, 4 or 5 leaves roughly torn and tossed into the tomato sauce right before serving gives the sauce a bright, fresh flavor. That mistake will not happen next summer.

Life is way too short not to make a meal which puts a smile on your face. Cooking need not be complex to be satisfying. Make something good this week!

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